Fitness Classes

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Explosive Speed: (ages 8+) Tues  6pm-7pm
  • $10/class or UNLIMITED for $25/month - This class will cover how to maximize the first 15-20 feet of a sprint to ensure the most speed is being accessed. Travis will be going through drills to help build up your speed that will help you take that extra base, out run a defender, get the first down, or just become quicker for everyday sports!
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Foundation of Strength: (ages 10+) TBA
  • $10/class or UNLIMITED for $25/month - This class will offer some insight on many of the major strength lifts that are common in most strength programs. We will look at the lift, your form, to ensure you are maximizing your efficiency completing lifts. We will also go over what Rest Periods are necessary for specific goals and as well as basic Rep and Set pairing. 
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Power Plyometrics: (ages 8+) Tues 7pm-8pm
  • $10/class or UNLIMITED for $25/month - Gain explosiveness for whatever sport you are competing in. In this class we will be working on lateral, linear, and vertical power. Make a quicker cut, get back up faster for a rebound, or gain that extra ground for the ball in the hole. This plyometric focused class will be essential for any athlete who is serious about their game.
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Cardio Circuit Boot Camp:  (ages 12+) Tuesdays 5pm-5:45pm
  • $5/class or UNLIMITED for $25/month - Enjoy this 45 minute strength, cardio, full body workout! Great for people on the 'GO' and no time for daily training!
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