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Rainy Day Rentals

Schedule your team to practice indoors on days it's too cold or wet to get outside...or...get your hitting in before a tournament or big game!

(2) 60 min rental credits


(4) 60 min rental credits


All Rainy Day Rental Credits may only be scheduling during the following times:

Mon-Thurs: 7pm-10pm

Fri: 5pm-10pm

Sat & Sun: 6am-10pm


  • Head Coach or 1st Assistant MUST  be a current Blue Card Member for a MINIMUM of 90 days prior to scheduling Rainy Day Rentals and must maintain membership for duration of scheduled Rainy Day Rentals.

  • All rentals are a maximum of 60 minutes.

  • All players attending, MUST have a signed waiver form before participating.

  • No member may use their member rental credits to lengthen Rain Day Rentals.

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