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Travis Thome, M.S.

Sport Specific Program Director

Fitness Trainer

Travis completed his Masters in Exercise Science in 2019 and has been training athletes , parents, and grandparents. He is a standout triathlete who is endorsed by a few companies.


Krista Shaffer

Fitness Class Leader

Fitness Trainer

Krista has been the lead fitness instructor for group fitness classes since 2017 at a local facility. She brings a  versatile style of training to clients that gets them results!


Tiffany Lesher

Fitness Class Leader

Fitness Trainer

Tiffany has been leading small and large group fitness classes in areas of muscle pump, insantity live, boot camps, and spin classes as well as training clients since 2012.


Jalen Ramsey

Fitness Trainer

Jalen Holds several NCAA Track and Field Records at Shippensburg University. He is well known for helping clients create explosive speed and strength. He has also trained several NFL football players during their careers.


Shea Barlett

Fitness Class Leader

Fitness Trainer

Shea has been teaching mixed martial arts inspired fitness classes since 2018. Being a first degree black belt helps her instill confidence, strength, and work ethic in her clients.

In-Person Training

Individual Sessions

All Sessions are 60 minutes in length

1 Session - $35

6 Session Package - $198 *$12 Savings

16 Session Package - $448 *112 Savings

Partner Sessions

Train with a friend

All Sessions are 60 minutes in length

1 Session - $45

6 Session Package - $252 *$18 Savings

16 Session Package - $528 *$192 Savings

Fitness App Training

Training Programs

Great option for people on the go! Use our training app and allow our trainers to provide you with a custom program that will fit your needs. Train anywhere!

4 Week Program - $120

6 Week Program - $180

Professional Coaching

Receive a professionally designed and custom workout specifically for your needs that you can follow daily. Train on your time with expert guidance, accountability, weekly consultations, daily messaging, and FIRST CLASS coaching! 

4 Week Coaching - $300 (Up to 20 workouts)

8 Week Coaching - $550 (Up to 40 workouts)

Client Loyalty Program

4 Week Coaching - $15 OFF next 4/wk purchase

8 Week Coaching - $25 OFF next 8/wk purchase


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