Specializing in Baseball & Softball Training

Beginner-Youth-High School-College-Professional

Hitting - Pitching - Fielding - Catching - Running

Whether you're new to baseball/softball or looking to maximize your talent for the next level, you'll want to come see us here at CHAMP'S! Our lessons are designed to meet specific needs for all levels of players, from learning how to grip a bat to understanding the kinematic sequence of a pitchers mechanics. 

Our instructors are fantastic with meeting your training needs. Each lesson you have is custom designed around your areas of focus so you're constantly growing and getting better! Our goal is for you to see consistent improvement from lesson to lesson in your overall performance. This includes your attitude, spoken word, focus, athletic ability, strength, and skill development.

We like to stay competitive with our pricing but affordable at the same time. See our pricing!


How to Train at CHAMPS

You might be wondering, this place looks AMAZING! But how do I gain access to this facility??

The doors to our facility are locked and require you to swipe a key card to enter so here are the 3 ways to gain access to Champ's Performance Training.

Access #1

Lessons or Programs

Players who schedule private lessons or enroll in programs/camps will be allowed to enter the facility for their lesson or program and then exit at the conclusion.

Access #2

Blue Card Membership

Enrolling in our Blue Card Membership will provide you and/or your family with your own key card to grant you daily access to our training facility for use of our cages/lanes and weight room.

Access #3

Team Rentals

Bring your team to train at CHAMP'S and access our state-of-the-art training facility during your allotted practice times. Check out our options!



Baseball/Softball Programs

Programs for ages 5-18

We are one of the premier baseball and softball training facilities in PA with many top end programs because of the highly professional staff of instructors that run them. 

Increase Power - Strength - Endurance

We offer great fitness training for ALL LEVELS! Athletes that are looking to take their game to the next level by increasing their strength, power, and quickness or Adults looking to lose weight and tone their body just in time for beach season! Come Train with Us!

Fitness Training



Fitness Classes

We offer several different types of fitness classes and group classes that are great for all types of fitness levels. From Boot Camp classes to Cardio Classes, to HIIT classes. Our classes are fun and exciting with tons of great calories being burned!! Our Fitness Class Instructors are some of the best in the area and have a great following! $ave Money and enroll in our UNLIMITED program today!

Blue Card Membership


Start training today and every day by enrolling in our Blue Card Membership! Get daily access with your own key card that unlocks our facility for your use. Use our batting cages, pitching area, state-of-the-art weight room and performance center every day! Join our family and find out what all the BUZZ is about in your neighborhood about CHAMP'S!! It's the place to be!


Recruitment Videos

Today, college coaches are requesting more and more to see players showcase their talents by video. It's a streamlined way for coaches to view multiple players quickly as well as a great avenue for players to been 'seen' by many coaches in a short amount of time. 

Allow CHAMP'S to help you by organizing, filming, and creating your recruitment video!

Pitcher Package

This video package is for a pitcher only and includes the following:

- Filmed from multiple angles

- Velocity clocked and recorded

- Multiple pitch types filmed

- Player profile on our website

- Video created and edited

- Video uploaded to our YouTube


Pos. Player Package

This video package is intended for a position player which includes hitting, running, & the following:

- 40 or 60 yard timed run

- Multiple angles fielding your pos.

- Pop times for catchers

- Velocity clocked and recorded

- Exit velocity recorded

- Batting practice filmed


2 Pos. Player Package

This video package is intended for 2 positions to be filmed which includes the following:

- 40 or 60 yard timed run

- Multiple angles fielding your pos.

- Pop times for catchers

- Velocity clocked & recorded

- Exit velocity recorded

- Batting practice filmed

- If pitching (see pitching package)