Toss Boss Velocity Programs


How do I add velocity? This is the most asked question in the game of baseball today. Over the years of my playing career, I've tested many philosophies of how to add velocity. Some have worked but most have failed. I was looking for the long term solution...not the quick fix. Back in 2017 I developed a hybrid program that I ran 8 players through as test subjects and the results have blown up year to year with players increasing their velocity 4-8 mph per year and continue to grow. Continued growth is the most important aspect of what I teach since many velocity programs out there are great for short term gain but the following year you're back at ground zero looking to re-gain the velocity you lost. I teach the 80/20 rule regarding velocity which the National Pitching Association (NPA) did a study on in 2006.  Players have been extremely satisfied with this program and the velocity gains they have seen.

To help the growing demand to increase velocity, I have created a program for the summer months called 'Summer' Toss Boss. This program is for players ages 14 +. It is designed to be intense, require dedication, discipline, and focus...but when followed, you will see 4-12 mph velocity gains! This program comes with a membership to our facility so players can train daily. There will be an initial assessment to gage the direction of the program for each player. 

Since there are 2 players per time slot, we've found it best that each player finds a friend or teammate to do this program together. If you don't have a friend to partner with, you'll be partnered with another player that registered as a single player. We will do our best to match ages and abilities together.

Cost: $1,695

This program will meet with Coach Sanders twice a week (each session is 2 hrs) starting the first week of November 2020 and finishing the last week of February 2021. The first hour is with Coach Sanders and the second 60 mins is in the weight room training. If you're not close to our Lebanon facility, then you MUST have access to a gym with weight training equipment. Each player will access our App where all of their weekly and daily workouts/throwing programs will be uploaded.

  • Initial player assessment (flexibility, mobility, speed, ROM, vertical jump, etc)

  • Nov to Feb training -  (2) 2hr live sessions per week + daily/weekly workouts

    • Training Days (Sundays/Wednesdays or Monday/Thursdays)

  • March to July - In season training program

    • Weekly workouts, throwing programs, and running programs provided

  • Aug to Oct - Active rest program provided

  • FREE Blue Card Membership for 12 months